Work on Climate

Our Vision

We envision a world where climate change has been reversed completely, equitably, and justly; all of humanity’s work is climate-positive or climate-neutral; and humanity and natural ecosystems coexist and thrive in a harmonious, respectful relationship.

To achieve this world, we see a nearer future where organizations, governments, communities, and people direct much of their talent and labor towards working together on equitable and just climate solutions; climate-positive work is widely available, sought after, and celebrated; and everyone is empowered to work on climate.

Our Mission

Work on Climate is getting more people to work on fighting climate change through our programs, partnerships, and our positive and action-oriented community.

We foster collaboration, experimentation, knowledge-sharing, and broad awareness of the climate work ecosystem in order to unblock folks seeking to work on climate and inspire them to take action through job-seeking, entrepreneurship, volunteer work, or organizing with others.

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