Official Title:  Why 2023 Will Be the Year for Growing Your Own Food and Medicine – Plants to Start Growing Now!

Will global food shortages and political strife cause you to grow your own botanticals?

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Reginald Reefer on Sunday Jul 24, 2022

While I generally tend to be a very optimistic person, the way things have been going in 2022 has me perplexed.

As of writing this article, it has become blatantly obvious the level of incompetence of our global leadership actually addressing the real issues people have been facing – and rather, quite dogmatically cling to their partisan narratives 

One of the more distressing trends I have seen is the direct assault on food supply for the sake of the “climate”.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the earth should have legally-binding rights and global societies should always strive towards finding a homeostatic balance between earth and our desires for expansion.

However, the overall “climate narrative” that is being sold to us by Private Jet Setting millionaire-billionaires and special interest groups is NOT for the betterment of the planet.

While this article isn’t about poking holes in the “Climate Disaster Narrative” I simply look at the measures being passed by climate crusaders in countries like Shri Lanka and the Netherlands – and how it is directly impacting everything we hold dear.

All in the name of “saving the planet!”

Rules for Thee, not for Me!

Interestingly though, the mega corporations that are “part of the fold” hardly have to make any significant changes in their operations. We don’t see the wealthy give up their private jets or large mansions, yet the rest of us have to ride-share, reduce out consumption habits, track our carbon, report to the government, etc…otherwise we’re DOOMED!

While it’s true that we – as a society – need to be mindful of our consumption choices, but before we limit nitrogen levels in farmlands, perhaps we could address the fact that we throw out 50% of all of the food that we produce.

Publications like NPR would remind you that “It starts with you!”, shielding corporate interests from ever taking any real responsibility in the practices they fermented in the collective minds of the consumers.

npr on food waste

Decades of aggressive and suggestive advertisement, selling of a consumerist dream, promoting the “throw away culture” – only to flip it on the consumers and call them Bioterrorists for doing exactly what they have been engineered to do!

Why don’t Coca Cola and all major soft drink companies invest in mass desalination plants all over the world? Doing this would solve many of humanity’s problems, they have the money – and they are part of the problem in mass consumption of water – upsetting the ecosystem.

In a way, they are ethically obliged to do this small simple act of building facilities to extract unsalted water from the oceans – which according to the Climate Disaster promoters are rising in sea levels. All the more reason to extract it and send it to our waterways, places where people are suffering water shortages.

These are all practical solutions – things that these “Climate Engineers” would never dare talk about. Hell, stopping the proliferation of war would have a far more significant impact in favor of the planet than everyone going vegan – just saying.

Is there Hope?

So far, for every push for totalitarianism, there has been a push back by free-independent thinkers and doers. In the current assault on our global food production, where we are seeing a dramatic increase in costs associated to all the lock downs, wars, and embargos the current global administrations decided were the “best way forward” through the shitshow they engineered over the past few years.

If you have been paying attention, you’d understand that we live as a global society. Shri Lanka is the canary in the coalmine…or the ferret in the Tesla factory…or something like that.

Shri Lanka had too much debt – with 30%+ held by BlackRock – and with strict environmental policies being enforced so they didn’t lose their credit – forced the government to buy out farms, and reduce nitrogen significantly – which led to a food production collapse.

Now with no gas, no food, and everything coming to a dismal standstill – the people rose up against their leadership – and now, there is no law there…it’s pure unorganized chaos. Anarchy driven by need and chaos.

Fortunately, as we saw Truckers stand up against Covid Regulations all over the world, we’re seeing the Farmers of the world unite to stand up against these global measures.

Irrespective of where you sit on the climate debate, you have to acknowledge that “not eating food” will be a bad move for humanity as a whole. This will breed a highly volatile situation, and typically it’s here where dictators and authoritarians promise to “bring order” by ethnically cleansing the opposition.

Don’t believe me?

Read your history!

Which bring us to the true purpose of this article…

What Plants do you need to start growing at your home today in order to survive the coming manufactured food shortages?

I am a firm believer in fractal-societies, where the individual sits at the center of it all and through a principle of interdependence, we sustain each other. Stronger together than apart.

I could go into lengthy details about how to set this up in society, however I’m going to address the issue of food and medicine, and why self-sustainability is the way to ride out the coming storm.

Let’s begin with food:

Grow your Foods

I live in a highly urban area, but I converted my balcony and available spaces to food production. My kitchen has its own herb garden and the lights from the kitchen is more than enough to make it work. You can also grow food from scraps, like carrots, garlic, onion, etc.

According to a few Prepper Sites (the most prepared for a food shortage situation) the best foods to grow at home are;

  1. Beans (assorted)
  2. Corn
  3. Winter Squash
  4. Potatoes (can make vodka)
  5. Carrots
  6. Cabbage
  7. Kale
  8. Sweet Potatoes
  9. Garlic
  10. Herbs

All you need is some good soil, pots and you can start growing as soon as possible. It will take you a few months before you see any results, but if you start now, by this time next year you’d probably be able to completely sustain yourself from your garden.

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