STUFF YOU CAN DO 1) GET ON SOCIAL MEDIA and let these banks know you’ve had enough. Write a little note to tell them how you feel. Get creative. But maybe something like: ‘Hey guy, I noticed you’re loaning billions of your customers’ dollars to the fossil fuel industry. I don’t like that. And if you don’t stop right away, I’m taking my money and going home.’

Oh, and FIRE UP THESE HASHTAGS & HANDLES: #DontBankOnIt #StopTheMoneyPipeline #BankingOnClimateChaos #NoMoreDirtyBanks #CustomersForClimateJustice #EarthDay2022 #InvestInOurPlanet #BetterBanking Tag the banks: @Chase @Citi @WellsFargo @BankOfAmerica @MorganStanley @GoldmanSachs

2) If you don’t want your money financing oil & gas companies, SWITCH YOUR BANK. Look into climate friendly regional banks and credit unions with transparent lending policies, or take a look at options like Atmos [] that actively finance climate solutions. Be aware of greenwashing, and check out… and for even more options.

3) PROTEST. LEARN. SIGN THINGS. Get educated & mAkE nOiSe.
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