Excellent report, plus see YouTube links within report.  At their YouTube Channel this event2022 U S Accelerator Community Event is a really good watch and an excellent stepping stone towards more involvement with WEA.


From the beginning, many of you believed that this was an organization whose time had come. Hundreds of supporters made it possible for us to create a strategy meeting of grassroots women environmental leaders from 26 countries. We gathered in Mexico City to design the priorities and action plans for an unprecedented initiative to take shape.

From South Africa to Israel, Australia to Haiti, our group of 30 visionary women leaders came together and shared strategies on issues of health, sanitation, land issues, water rights, toxics, sustainable micro-businesses, and more. We agreed upon a set of shared values and principles, identified key strategies, established regional hubs, and mapped out our first projects.

We traveled to Mexico City because of our shared concern for the future of our planet. Young and elder women from Haiti, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Palestine, Mexico, India, Kenya, and 18 other nations united with a shared dream: to build an alliance that would put an end to the relentless violence on our earth and on our world’s women. But that wasn’t all. In the face of a world fractured by fear and disconnection, we sought to uplift the WE – to demonstrate that unity is the only lasting antidote to violence and destruction.

That first moment we stood together in silence, until one woman spoke up and said, “I’ve traveled thousands of miles away from my village to come here, and for the first time I truly feel home.”