When we thought about Energy Abundance in my last article, today I want to talk a little more about materials and the bioeconomy. What we need is a somewhat tangible plan of where we actually need to and can start to accompany such a transformation. Advances in life science could transform economies and societies and help address global challenges like climate change or resource scarcity.

Advances in life science and technology are sparking a revolution – the Regenerative Revolution. This could have a major impact on the economy and our lives, affecting health, agriculture, consumer goods, energy and materials. Which I will briefly discuss later.

To what I actually want to say. No matter what minerals are needed, we will need large amounts of them because renewable energy sources like wind and solar require extensive mineral resources to make the infrastructure for fossil free energy.

And therein lies a challenge. Given the estimated number of electric vehicles (EVs) of various vehicle classes on the road today, it is clear that current global reserves are insufficient to build just one generation of batteries for all EVs and stationary power storage in today’s global industrial ecosystem. Same is true for solar etc.


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