Despite being possibly one of our greatest civic duties, voting is the least exercised. The American public as a whole, especially the younger generation, does not seem to see the importance in going to the polls on Election Day. It is our chance as a society to show the government what we want.

It is not limited to just presidential races. Ballots include initiatives, amendments and smaller statewide political races. All of these affect our lives on a daily basis, and we have the most say in the smaller races. Many do not feel their voice is heard when they cast their vote, but they do not realize that their voice is heard even in the smallest ways.

For those of you who want to continue arguing about the importance of voting by saying they are from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, or even New Mexico, there is a way for you to cast your vote. Absentee ballots can easily be obtained and mailed back to your home county to cast your vote.

I urge you all to take advantage of your right to vote this election. There may come a time in the near future when your kids will face challenges in voting at a young age. Many states are passing strict voter ID laws that prevent students from using student ID’s to register to vote. Be thankful that we still have the opportunity to make our voices heard. Be informed and learn about all the issues that will be on the ballot this year and remember that elections stretch beyond presidential politics.

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