Before I say anything let us close our eyes, well maybe not since you are reading this, but let us close our minds eye for a few minutes, would you? Then pretend there is a really large brick encased building, really large, mind you. Then pretend at the far end of this really large brick encased room there is a humongous oven that is turned on, you can feel it, you can see it, heck you start to remove your coat and sweater since it is so hot.

Now pretend that in this large, brick covered room, there are, well let’s say 500 children from newborn (just a few months, NEH), to hmm, 21 years old and all ages in between (representing all our young ones today). Now you and a bunch of oil barrens, their hired-hands, unethical corporations, BANKS, and those with vested interested in fossil-fuel and other unethical CO2 increasing things are literally with your hands extended pushing these children into the ovens for them to burn up and die.

These children are clawing at the brick walls, you can literally see the blood dripping down from their trying to stay alive and push back from this tremendous force you guys are exerting on them. The punch, they plead to live, they yell, scream and worse pass-out many of them as you push and push them towards this very large oven. You can literally hear the shrieks as many start to become engulfed by the flames as they fall in and start to become consumed, turning to ash.

You show no apathy or otherwise, as you push and push killing any chance of their survival. You are gleeful as you contemplate the sums of money and power in your mind from continuing to burn fossil-fuels, you rationalize the need for this, but the truth is you follow the money, you are anxious to hold on to some minuscule power and you push and push…

Excuse me, you can open your minds eyes now… and realize this is exactly what is happening around the planet… there is no sugar-coating it here. Our children deserve an extinction-free future and dammit you need to wake the fu$k-up now, especially you — BANKS!

Note that their is nothing stated in this note indicating this is religious assumptions, this is purely science based reality, meaning the conditions are created by our doing nothing and still increasing our reliance on fossil-fuel as it appears that is happening now. Sure we are moving ahead in many cases which is good, however we must now stop practically all reliance on fossil fuels, stop funding them, and give a really big push towards renewable energy. The evidence has been on the table since 2.2.2017 (IPCC report released on this day and for me coincidentally a very special personal day).

If we are going to see an 2.8C increase as indicated we are literally f$cked, and if you need me to show you a more reality based dream of how this is going to look, then I will but I must warn you, it is not pretty at all. A small taste would be seeing hail fall three times the size of footballs, SUV’s sticking out of 2nd story building windows, prominent figures, many others, and especially those in poverty fighting for what empty box or plywood pieces they can for their nights shelter, mountains of vehicles at the bottom of your closest river, ocean, lakes or just piled up like a mountain grave yard, and BANK executives or their employees begging for food to feed their family.

Ironically the potential is much worse than this if Carbon Dioxide concentration in the atmosphere levels keep rising, say towards 3.0C to 6.0C (which by the way is assured extinction I believe). According to the 2017 IPCC report, if we keep pumping this Carbon and other Greenhouse Gases into the atmosphere there will only be small pockets of people left, forget about most plant life and animal species. The thought of current and future wealthy individuals like BANK managers begging for food scraps and collecting plywood for their evening shelter is sobering and if you do not think this potential exists, simply keep giving monies to the fossil fuel industry and not supporting and financing the growth of renewable energy.

We do not talk about Carbon Sinks and Feedback loops and the potential for creating Methane Bombs (which is already happening small scale, mind you) and this is increasing our demise due to permafrost and other GHG (such as Methane) increasing. Imagine the impact if you can. No more Coral Reefs, major growth of sand dunes, warming seas will cause sea life extinction on a level unimaginable. Rain-forests will have the potential to go up in flames causing everyone to begin relying on masks and without it loose ability to breath.

It just takes some reading, researching and trusting the cause and effect of science to grasp the level of seriousness here folks. We are heading towards the worst extinction since the dinosaurs lived on this planet. Most of this just from studying the IPCC reports folks (past and some of the present ones). Hmm, the potential for it to get even worse exists, such as ‘fire’ rain and the introduction of super hyper-hurricane (a massive super hurricane).

What a fu$king mess and one wonders why our children fight for their future and older folks fight to protect their future. Sometimes sobering reality is what is needed to shake you greed based individuals a little and I certainly hope I did this here.

Wake the fu$k upBANKS and those financing the extinction of our children, stop the oncoming deaths. It cannot be any more clear that the survival of the human race is at stake here folks.

Is it really worth it, our heading towards extinction at full-speed?

To those law-enforcement and others in power that represent or protect these banks, oil barons, and their hired-hands, not to mention some of the agriculture industry. One point to keep in mind is that you have children, no? You have nieces and nephews, no? You have other loved ones with children in their lives, no? Then please work with those who fight just for the simple cause of being extinction free and desire to see a sustainable planet for themselves, their children, their and your own future families, not to mention our biodiversity which includes animals species.

Our children, biodiversity, oceans, and animals species deserve better.

Someone has to speak out a bit strictly to you and this is close-your-minds-eye and imagine will helpfully cement the seriousness of our humanity’s current path. We do not need violence, we do not need greed, we do not need unethical power, we need clean air, clean water (oceans and otherwise), clean lands and most of all clean ethical minds from those in position to affect quicker change and not from those who dish out monies to those who could care less about the future, instead basing themselves on immediate wealth and need.

WAKE-UP! – and stop financing our demise, stop paving a road that leads to extinction and instead invest in renewable energy. It is beyond crucial now, it is a dire necessity that we all are on the same page in regard to this.

The damage that the fossil fuel has done is completely mind-boggling and unfortunately we have either become numb to it and/or think it will work out with new innovations or what have you; it is not new in many cases it is replacing what is damaging our kid’s and young adult’s future with a safe energy source (that already exists). It is not rocket science here folks.

Mr. Senator, (I remember when you said this) but it is not a corruption of science or documents or doubt, but hard working efforts of degree scientists based on careful peer-reviewed research (read the 2.2.2017 IPCC report for validation, tough read I know, but one can pull some of these facts from it their darn self).

Again, nothing is an assumption here folks, as I based just about all my knowledge on the IPCC reports, the thousands of articles, and multitude of climate books I have read, although nothing hits home as much as the IPCC reports.

As a small source, here are some recent links and a few from the last few months that are sobering to say the least…

Link about the 2.8C increase, although there are others that are newer this details more info.

Every fraction of a degree counts, UN says, as 2.8C warming looms


or a simple search

In closing, I do not mean to sound-cast, morbid, or depressing, just realistic as possible and that being the case it indicates we can take this and what is outlined in the last blog post below and transform it into a positive, hopeful situation and outcome, it does not have to be doomism as this is the case if we decide for it to be. So let us decide on building a hopeful and bright future for humanity, I believe it is possible if we decide, not what the news (misinformation/disinformation) tells us.  We decide on HOPE, we create HOPE. Heck!  Also note that HOPE is also created by educating ourselves deeply on all subjects, especially science, this also replaces ignorance with realistic based HOPE, mind you.  I believe it is now a necessity.