The cloak of manipulation must be removed.

Ecological tipping points are being breached all around us and yet the rhetoric from those who have the power to steer us in a safer direction remains essentially the same. They continue to tell us that we need more and faster Green Growth to solve this challenge DESPITE there being no proof whatsoever that it has made any difference. You can add EV’s and solar panels to the equation and nothing changes.

Mindless consumption is the problem…purple, yellow, orange or green…it all leads to the same place.

People are being misled and it’s delayed our ability to connect the dots.

BUT what if the cloak of manipulation was removed and it was revealed that our personal actions were actually the source of our physical and financial pain?

Ian Kaplan and I (along with dozens of the smartest people around) are building a multi-year Global PR campaign to help people understand this connection.

This is the first step in helping people understand that we can no longer count on politicians and green growth nonsense to protect our climate.

It’s our job to jump ahead of the mainstream political rhetoric and make it clear that we need real (and difficult) changes, and that the politicians will have the support of the people, if they deliver, and if they don’t, they will be looking for a new job!!

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