A Resonant Call to Action and Gratitude for Our Planet

As we stand on the precipice of the September 17th Climate March (which coincides with the UN Climate Ambition Summit), I am confident that every one of us who passionately participates in climate-related endeavors receives heartfelt gratitude from the natural world. Our unrelenting commitment is undoubtedly recognized by Mother Nature, reflecting not only our drive for impactful climate action but also a profound display of gratitude to our cherished planet – the place we are fortunate to call our home. We embody the voices and advocates of both Mother Nature (Earth) and her often-underestimated counterpart, Father Earth (symbolizing Biodiversity). In these challenging times, both entities have entrusted us with the responsibility of representing and championing their cause.

Amplify the Resonance:

As we prepare for the upcoming march, I urge you to bring your shakers, cowbells, and sound makers. Let the reverberations of our united presence echo not only with a call for change but also with a resounding note of gratitude. Our planet, with its intricate ecosystems and diverse life forms, is a masterpiece that warrants our deepest appreciation.

A Resounding Call for Transformation:

Furthermore, let our united voice resound through the corridors of power, especially reaching out to industries that have inflicted harm upon our planet. The moment has come for the fossil fuel industry, the palm oil industry, the meat industry, and other exploitative forces to face an indisputable reality – their control over our Earth is swiftly drawing to a close.

In its place, a new era is dawning – an era defined by sustainability, harmony, and a world that thrives without jeopardizing the existence of other species. We are the architects of this transformation, the stewards of a world where our actions align with the delicate balance of nature rather than disrupt it.

Marching Beyond a Day: Pledging to a Sustainable Tomorrow:

On September 17th, as we stride forward with resolute determination, it is imperative to recognize that our endeavors extend well beyond a mere day. Our march serves as a symbol of our resounding commitment to a sustainable future – one in which our actions echo more powerfully than our words, where our dedication remains steadfast, and where an unwavering appreciation for the intricate beauty and complexity of our planet guides each step we take.

I believe our unwavering commitment, fervent passion, and mere presence will wield a profound impact. Together, we will weave the fabric of transformation and progress. Unified in purpose, we can embody the change we aspire to witness in the world. Through our collective efforts, we for sure will forge a future where sustainability and harmony reign supreme, promising a world in which both nature and humanity thrive harmoniously.

Please bear in mind that this is a mere suggestion:

As we draw near to the pivotal September 17th Climate March, I totally believe ‘Mother Nature’ extends her deepest appreciation to each and every one of us for your unswerving dedication to the well-being of our planet. I think she realizes that our shared commitment to addressing the Climate Emergency is nothing short of inspiring. In the spirit of unity and progress, I would like to present some invaluable principles that can guide us not only during the upcoming September 17th Climate March but in all our collective endeavors for the environment.

Some Suggestions for Nurturing Unity and Purpose:

  1. Leaving a Legacy of Environmental Care:

Inspired by the admirable actions of Japanese citizens, let us adopt the practice of bringing trash bags during our marches. This simple act of cleaning up, even if the litter is not our own, sets a powerful example of our genuine concern for the environment. By turning our dedication into tangible actions, we provide invaluable lessons for future generations.

  1. Carpooling for a Greener Tomorrow:

In our mission to reduce carbon emissions, consider carpooling whenever feasible. Organizations like Climate Reality and Sierra Club have shown the way by organizing bus or carpool lists. By sharing rides, we not only shrink our carbon footprint but also magnify our collective impact for a more sustainable future.

  1. Amplifying the Voices of Our Youth:

Our movement gains vitality when we actively encourage young adults and children to contribute their ideas and insights. Their innovative perspectives enrich our cause, reminding us that we are fighting for their future. Their opinions hold immense value in shaping our path forward.

  1. Sounding the Call for Change:

Let us equip ourselves with noise makers, such as cowbells, shakers, etc., sourced from various outlets. Together, we can create a harmonious symphony of voices demanding action against the Climate Emergency, ensuring that our cause resonates far and wide.

  1. Responding with Dignity:

When confronted by those who might question our mission, let our reaction be defined by civility, non-violence, and compassion. Our behavior serves as evidence of our dedication, with the potential to convert opponents into advocates for climate justice. Under no circumstances should we entangle ourselves with individuals who stand on the sidelines, undermining us with climate denial or apocalyptic perspectives. Investing time or energy in such interactions is simply not worthwhile.

  1. Supporting Seniors and the Differently-Abled:

In the spirit of inclusivity, extend your consideration to our older participants and those with differing abilities. Ensure they have access and support throughout our events. Together, we shall ensure that every voice, regardless of circumstance, is heard.

  1. Staying Hydrated:

Amidst the fervor of our march, do not forget the importance of staying well-hydrated. Keep a watchful eye on your fellow marchers and offer assistance when needed. Water is the elixir of life, and its availability should never be compromised.

  1. Collaborating with First Responders:

In our interactions with firefighters, emergency services, and law enforcement personnel, let respect be our guiding principle. Our demeanor can build bridges and foster understanding. Unity remains our greatest strength in the face of the Climate Emergency.

  1. Maintaining Peace and Integrity:

While we march for a brighter future, remain vigilant against potential instigators who might seek to incite violence or looting. Should such situations arise, use your cellphones to document evidence and safeguard the integrity of our movement.

  1. Respecting All Leaders:

Regardless of political affiliations, let us accord respect to all leaders who join our march. Even if our opinions differ, our shared commitment to addressing the Climate Emergency unites us. Let us manifest our shared humanity and ensure that our march remains a beacon of human rights and dignity.

Moving Forward with Unity:

Guided by these profound principles, I earnestly encourage you to approach the September 17th Climate March enveloped in unity, compassion, and unwavering resolve. Even if we find ourselves inadvertently entangled in needless drama, violence, or widespread confusion, which may not have been instigated by us, it is crucial to recognize that we might be inaccurately portrayed in media and other forms of reporting as the responsible party. Therefore, it is prudent to keep our cell cameras at the ready, poised to capture unfolding events and provide evidence that counters attempts to depict us as uncivilized or violent.

Let our purpose extend beyond the march for a sustainable future. Let us also champion a world where the bedrock of our actions is comprised of collaboration, empathy, and respect. In striving for this vision, we not only advocate for the health of our planet but also contribute to a realm where these values resonate deeply, shaping our course with unwavering integrity.

Your dedication, your commitment, and your heart are the driving forces behind our movement. Let us stand together and create a resounding call for change that reverberates throughout the world.

In gratitude and anticipation,


I extend a humble invitation for you to peruse my upcoming article, possibly titled “Employ-Me: A Journey for Climate Justice.” Your backing and motivation hold immeasurable significance to me as I embark on this new phase of my life. This endeavor, rooted in the concept of seeking employment while contributing to a greater cause, not only assists me in achieving my aspirations but also extends a helping hand to others. Your support fuels this dual-purpose pursuit, and for that, I am genuinely grateful.

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In solidarity and gratitude,