Happy New Years!  We hope everyone is well, safe and in good spirits. 

We are working on introducing three possibly four versions of the ‘Climate Emergency Toolbox Websites’ (yes, a Climate/Sustainability focused social media community) for the public and would like to invite help / (and those contacted individuals) to see if they would possibly like to join and support by creating a complimentary profile; which also serves as the subscriber’s benefit of utilizing the various features and social (climate) connections.  Those invited will start receiving email invitations after the 1st, although we have invited some folks already.

Therefore, Climate Change Community is seeking Climate Scientists, Climate Activists, Climate Organizations, Climate Authors, Climate Leaders, and ACCO Climate Professionals (any stage of training) for two separate communities, in return it will serve the benfit of early access to the communities.  We would like, and are hoping they would consider jumping-on-board to create our necessary ‘roots.’

Regarding the Climate Emergency Toolbox, our endeavors are coming along a bit better now, however we have to move cautiously for security reasons.  So for those interested and would like early access please let us  know.  You can even view the community transforming (being built) from within, so when contacted please consider helping out with our endeavor. 

Ideally, in February we would like to start hosting ‘video conferencing dialogue sessions,‘ both scheduled and on-the-fly, to be initiated from right within one’s profile in both public and private mode, as well as adding a few other awesome new features. 

We have as our focus a desire of helping in any way possible keeping humanity away from worsening climatic conditions. Among the various Climate Actions, cultural activities (within the communities) will help us create bonds of friendship, camaraderie, and heartfelt connections, plus bringing out cultural creativity also brings out creative climate action and ideas.

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” – Ernest Hemingway

Again, remember that access for at least a year (possibly longer) is from within, basically someone on the inside invites you in via an integrated invite form.  If you sense you should have received an invitation yet have not, please feel free to contact us.


Copy of letter invitation sent to folks.  One must have been invited to view this, hence the reason it is password protected.