In Washington state, the Salish Sea helped feed the world. Dana Wilson: With this weather and the way things feel once I get out here, it’s time to be fishing, that’s what it feels like.Commercial fisherman Dana Wilson supported a family on the Salish Sea’s legendary wealth of salmon. He remembers propellers churning the water off blaine, washington and cranes straining for the state’s 200 million dollar annual catch. Dana Wilson: That used to be a buying station, they’re gone now, they don’t buy anymore. So, that building over there used to buy salmon, they don’t buy salmon anymore, it’s just not here. 

In 1991, one salmon species was endangered. Today, 14 salmon populations are foundering.  They’ve been crowded out of rivers by habitat destruction, warming, and pollution. Dana Wilson used to fish all summer. Today, a conservation authority grants rare, fleeting, permission to throw a net. 


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