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This posts rounds off a few other articles I posted at (1), (2 in 1) and (1), the one at my Personal Site (1).   The ClimateQubes article is actually a few articles in one post as it is introduced through a directory or list within the actual post. Please have a read of these if you would so be inclined, and thank you so much for following along as I go through my inner turmoil about all aspects of our Climate Emergency.

Allow me to extend my heartfelt greetings as I introduce myself. My name is Mr. Alvarez, and since March 9, 2006, I have dedicated myself to acquiring extensive knowledge about the pressing issue of the Climate Emergency. I have delved into various sources, voraciously absorbing information on this subject. In my perspective, what lies before us is nothing short of a Climate Emergency, a fact that leaves absolutey no room for doubt in me.  In regard to learning, the more I learn about our shared Climate Emergency the more I realize that there is still much to learn, much of which comes from the experieces of actualy applying soltuions and mitigation measures as opposed to discourse.

From that pivotal moment onward, my life’s mission has been to raise awareness about the imminent dangers of our shared Climate Emergency and propose effective strategies to avert the possibility of our species facing extinction. Naturally, this endeavor poses challenges for me, given my innate shyness and preference for working behind the scenes. However, the escalating reality of the Climate Emergency compels me to step forward and engage more actively.

I must confess that I have earnestly prayed for innovative ideas and solutions to address the Climate Emergency, and I am pleased to admit that they have materialized. Consequently, I am now unwaveringly committed to striving for a sustainable planet, free from the threat of extinction, for the sake of future generations. I am determined to restore our biodiversity, protect our oceans, and preserve our animal species.

Gone are the days when materialistic pursuits held any significance for me. My aspirations no longer revolve around personal wealth, but rather around accumulating a wealth of proactive-based solutions and profound insights into Climate Emergency mitigation.

Collectively, we are experiencing a surge of deep-seated emotions, as billions of us are beginning to harbor a genuine anger and frustration towards the Fossil Fuel industry. It is this industry that has played a significant role in creating this dangerously critical period in human history. The consequences our planet faces have the potential to thrust humanity onto the brink of extinction.

Indeed, this is an incredibly serious situation, and as a result, it may be fitting to direct our frustrations towards the fossil fuel companies and the wealthy, unscrupulous entities that wield influence over climate-related policies and crucial sustainability measures. While I aim not to dwell solely on attacking them, it is imperative to hold accountable those responsible for unethical actions, particularly when human lives are at stake, not to mention the damage inflicted upon animal species, our oceans, and biodiversity.

To address these challenges, I have developed an online platform called the Climate Solutions Toolbox. I now designate it as the Climate Emergency Control Center for Humanity, envisioning it as a dedicated online social network that embraces a serious climate-emergency mindset. This platform comprises various tools, sections, and groups, serving as virtual rooms where individuals can convene, interact, and exchange ideas face-to-face. While the concept may not be entirely novel, the distinguishing factor lies in its unwavering focus on our Climate Emergency.

I must confess that I have momentarily fallen out of touch with recent Climate News, which is uncharacteristic of me. However, I assure you that my absence stems from my diligent work behind the scenes within the Climate Change Community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Please note that we will provide more frequent updates on our activities moving forward.

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