If you like to worry about things—and most people do—you are living at a great time. Climate change is coming, and it is coming right at you.   Regardless of where you are on Earth, you will live to see your life or the lives of your kids and their friends change due to the overall warming of the planet.

Whether or not those changes are manageable are up to us.   It is up to anyone who is able to think about what kind of future we want.   It is up to you and me.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Earth is our home.”   You may even use the expression yourself.   But here is another thought, equally undeniable and even more important. Earth is not just our home, it is also our house.   It’s our residence, and we are the owners.   We are not rents passing through.   We are not tenants who can complain to the landlord and eventually move on to live somewhere else.   We live here—on this 7,900-mile-wide (13,000-km) ball of rack, water, and air—and we are responsible for its upkeep.   Right now, we are doing a pretty bad job as caretakers.   We don’t seem to be paying anywhere near enough attention to the deteriorating conditions of our home.

Now that you’re worrying even a little more than a moment ago, I hope, I’m going to ask you to stop, or at least to move past it.   Worry is not going to save us.   Neither, by the way, is shooting the messenger (someone like me).   I’m asking you to get informed and help fight change with change:     change in the way we produce, move, store, and use energy.   We can become a great generation that leaves our world—our home—in better shape than it is now while raising the quality of life for people everywhere. This will not be easy. We’re already loaded the atmosphere with enough heat-trapping gases of various kinds to cause our planet to keep warming for many, many years to come.   But the situation is far from hopeless. – Bill Nye, excerpt from book: ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ HARNESSING SCIENCE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.