“We deserve a safe future. And we demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask? Change is coming, whether you like it or not.” – Greta Thunberg

. Greta is one of the most incredibly courageous persons in human history, her conviction know no bounds and rightly so.   She sees like many others the crimes that are happening against humanity, yes, you reading this right now are part of this humanity.  Greta, we truly appreciate you and continue to pray for health and well-being.

.  Please note that we have to ‘wake-the-heck-up’ as the very extinction of human beings might be visible over the horizon (not my words, but scientists).  It is almost like many do not see it due to their mental fog (greed and/or delusions), however those that do clearly see ‘what’s-coming’ are yelling at you in order to save their and your lives.   Greta really expresses this poignantly and she has been very instrumental in waking people up, but now we all have to wake up together, right now.

. Many feel comfortable protesting and marching, some might not be able to, however the most powerful means is for us here in the ‘United States’ to flex out voting muscle in each and every election henceforward.  Please vote for those who are anxious to realize necessary actions that have to be taken to move society forward in a much more sustainable way and vote especially for those who have the Green New Deal as part of their agendas. 

. (United States) I am not saying this for political reasons, no sir, I say this because everyone will be taking one of the largest ‘Climate Actions’ in this country that will reverberate throughout the world.  We will be literally attacking this ‘Climate Emergency’ unified as we should be as one of our first steps.

. It will be such a relief for the United States to once again at the forefront of the ‘Climate Emergency’ fighters.  Like Greta and billions of people have been saying all along, hell-no, not anymore to those ‘Greed’ based entities and their influence. 

. Lastly the painful – this planet has the potential to become the planet Venus’s brother.  We cannot go in that direction – we have to Vote Those Who Place Greed and Need  Out, we have no other choice if we do not want to see our planet become a fireball.  Not to mention what happens in traveling towards that direction if you get my drift.

.Two scientists are already indicating that we are already on the extinction list, please vote to not make this a reality.  We must not only vote useless and incapable leadership out of our government (and prevent them from being voted in), but we must also unite in voting in ethical leaders regardless what you do for a living, what political party you are in and where you are on this planet.

.Our children are asking, no; yelling for us to wake up, take action, pressure those in power and vote those useless leaders out of office.  They get the reality of what is to come and they are pulling on our sleeves to lift our heads up and take action.

Get it?