“Reading for knowledge, writing for change, and standing up for our planet’s future.”

Written In a 9th grade reading tone:

I’m not quite sure if it’s because of climate grief or sheer curiosity, but I find great joy in immersing myself in books and researching various aspects of our Climate Emergency. It’s not only the scientific details that captivate me, but also the stories of individuals and the psychological dimensions intertwined within this global crisis.

Reality can be harsh, even cruel and ugly at times. Despite our grief over the state of our environment and circumstances, we mustn’t allow ourselves to be defeated. Instead, we must march forward with courage. By doing so, a path will surely reveal itself, guiding us towards a better future. These words from Daisaku Ikeda resonate deeply with me.

I’ve noticed that many people prefer to spend their time watching television, and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, I believe reading is like exercise for our minds. Sometimes I don’t read as much as I would like, but most of the time, I find myself immersed in numerous books, whether they are physical copies or articles downloaded onto my e-reader.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, dating back to my earliest memories. In the past month alone, I have written numerous articles that revolve around the sociological aspects of my online community, which is primarily centered on the topic of our shared Climate Emergency.

Over the past two months, I estimate that I have written close to eighty articles. However, I rarely share them with others. This Fourth of July weekend, I have decided to share a few of them on my two climate change blogs: here at cccmty.com and clitribe.com. One of the articles delves into the true meaning of “freedom of speech” in the age of our shared Climate Emergency, while another discusses different types of people, including the excessively curious and nosey nature, inspired by a famous quote.

I sincerely hope you can spare some time to read these articles. I always strive to write in a manner that can be easily understood, akin to a 9th grade reading level. With the advent of Chat-GPT in November 2022, I was immediately impressed by its ability to help me refine my prompts. I would often request something like this:

“Take what I wrote and maintain the same tone (9th grade reading level), correct any grammar or sentence structure issues, replace key words with improved synonyms, and keep an overall positive and encouraging tone. Write in a way that entices the reader to keep reading and discover what I have to say next.”

I consistently refer to our Climate Emergency as “our shared” because it signifies that we have all inherited a condition that was brought about by the dangerous nature of greed. This condition has the potential to bring an end to human life as we know it. It has already pushed countless animal species, marine life, and plants towards extinction, implying that humans could be next.

This insatiable greed not only resides within the fossil fuel industry but also among its supporters, including the media, politicians, companies, some religious folks, and certain wealthy individuals, to name a few. It is crucial to acknowledge these intertwined forces.

I have never given up on my dream of owning a home that includes a workshop or barn—a steadfast structure from which to combat our shared Climate Emergency. That’s why I have created one of the world’s first and largest “Climate Emergency Dialogue and Self-Education Community,” serving as a center, club, or hub, depending on your preference. It revolves around reading, fostering dialogue, and empowering individuals through self-education, all aimed at creating a sustainable, extinction-free planet.

I will be opening this venue to the public during this Fourth of July weekend, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to support my endeavors. To begin, I invite you to read the several blog posts (including the ones mentioned above) I will be sharing at CLITRIBE.com and here at CCCMTY.com, probably Sunday morning. These articles will provide a glimpse into the ideas and discussions taking place within our community.

Once you’ve explored the articles, I invite you to join us by becoming a founding member. For a yearly subscription fee of $19.99, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge, engaging dialogues, and valuable resources. This membership will give you a genuine sense of what is happening within our community and the positive impact we are striving to make.

Additionally, we offer other subscription plans tailored to different individuals. The Climate Warriors plan, priced at $29.99 per year, is specifically designed for those serving in emergency services, law enforcement, nursing, firefighting, teaching, infrastructure, and other essential roles. I have written a detailed article explaining why I refer to these dedicated individuals as Climate Warriors, which I will republish in this coming month. They are the ones who can help lift us from the rubble, heal our wounds, and guide us in the journey towards learning and sustaining ourselves in the face of the Climate Emergency.

While there are several subscription plans available, these two are the main options. However, there is also a plan that combines both memberships, providing access to a wider range of content and opportunities for engagement.

I highly recommend that those who choose to join our community take the time to read every article on the welcome list, with particular emphasis on the one titled ‘HELP.’ This article highlights an additional aspect of our community that is deeply rooted in humanistic values and offers significant benefits to those directly affected by the impact of our shared Climate Emergency.

My motivation behind these initiatives is to contribute to our collective efforts in tackling the Climate Emergency, gain the necessary experience to become a fully certified Climate Change Professional Officer (in which I have already received training), and ultimately purchase a structure with a workshop—a place where ideas, solutions, and innovations can be shared with the public, fostering our transition to a more sustainable planet and ultimately moving towards an extinction-free world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and I hope you will consider joining our community and supporting my mission. Let me leave you with another inspiring quote by Daisaku Ikeda that I found on the Goodreads website:

“A great human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.”

Together, through reading, dialogue, and action, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.  Be well, be safe and by all means stay informed.

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