Carolyn explores how fossil fuels are harming our health, and shows that a world without coal, oil or gas will be cleaner, healthier and safer for us all.

She believes that each of us has the power and the responsibility to help hasten the transition to a world without fossil fuels.

Carolyn is a Perth-based neurologist who originally hails from Glasgow, Scotland. She has worked in the UK and the US before making her home in Australia. She loves clinical care, teaching and research; and specialises in the devastating illnesses that affect cognition, including early onset dementia. Troubled by newspaper articles on climate change, she resisted the temptation to turn away and instead learned about the deep connections between our environment and human health. Carolyn found that much of apparently unexplained human illness comes from environmental pollution, and that both pollution and global heating are caused by fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas. She became a fearless campaigner and public speaker, and a powerful advocate against fossil fuels in the interest of human health. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at TEDX


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Great talk that everybody should watch from a highly regarded Australian neurologist pointing out the link between adverse human health conditions and the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy. Add this problem to the terrifying list of problems created by the burning of fossil fuels. Its essential that we move to clean sources of energy as a matter of urgency. – Seaon Au

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