Spirituality & Sustainability Conference 2023 – Contemplation & Action for Social and Ecological Renewal!

Rome & Assisi, Italy

The 10th Spirituality & Sustainability Conference will be held in Rome and Assisi from 4 to 11 June 2023.

The Spirituality & Sustainability Global (SSGN) is a co-convenor of this conference, and they are inviting members of the SSGN network to participate and those interested to register.

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Journey on Questioning and Exploring Self-interconnectedness and Interpersonal Relationships

We, as beings, are responsible for the well-being of all beings; we are one Earth. Developing self-awareness is a great place to start now, where you are, when you can and with the tools available right now.

Highly suggest reading this article at the Earth Charter (.org) here:

New book released in Japan entitled “Examining the Roots, Purpose and Development of the Earth Charter and Envisioning its Prospects: An Analysis of the Earth Charter and the Origins of the SDGs

1 January 2023

A broad set of treatises on the Earth Charter was published in Japanese from a major publishing house (SANSEIDO) in Tokyo in November 2022. It is the product of a collaborative work of the members of the Japanese Earth Charter Committee (Earth Charter Japan). Against the background of the expanding complex emergency arising from the acute global environmental challenges, the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the intensification of the global battle for hegemony between the United States and China, a consensus emerged, in the spring of 2022, among Japanese opinion leaders, members of Earth Charter Japan, that it should be useful to provide a perspective of the Earth Charter to deepen the understanding of where we are in the world community and where we should be heading .

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The Club of Rome Annual Conference 2022 – Shifting from The Limits to Growth to Global Equity for a Healthy Planet: How Do We Ensure Transformational Governance?

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking publication The Limits to Growth, the Club of Rome decided to host its annual conference under the theme: Shifting from The Limits to Growth to Global Equity for a Healthy Planet: How do we ensure transformational governance?

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Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics (LSE) Online Course – February 2023

ONLINE & FACILITATED. Enhance your skills and knowledge to be ethical and effective sustainability leaders and implement Earth Charter-inspired projects, contributing towards a more sustainable and peaceful world.

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Online Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

ONLINE & FACILITATED. Strengthen the knowledge, skills, and abilities of educators to implement ESD and Education for Global Citizenship in their work to respond to the new guidance and educational needs of today.

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