YouTube Intro: Welcome to our Public Arena during United Nations COP27. We Don’t Have Time and partners will be live from COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, but also from Stockholm, Nairobi and Washington DC. November 8th to November 17th, 2022. Full program and register for free:­ ­

The UN climate conference COP27 has now officially been set in motion!

A team from We Don’t Have Time arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh last night, and is now working hard to prepare for the first day of our COP27 Climate Hub, which will kick off tomorrow, November 7.

In cooperation with our great partners, we will host and produce daily live broadcasts from the diplomatic zone throughout the conference. We expect millions of viewers as we bring on on stage government ministers, CEOs of front-running companies, princesses, youth activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and a lot of high-level change-makers.

You are more than welcome to participate on-site in Sharm El-Sheikh, or at our local hubs in Stockholm, Nairobi and Washington, D.C.and online wherever you are.

A multitude of events are taking place simultaneously during the two weeks of this conference. We would advise you to read this excellent piece on what to keep an extra eye on, written by sustainability expert and COP veteran Mattias Goldmann.

The best way to experience to COP27 Climate Hub is via our app, which will also allow you to join the dialogue and ask questions directly to the speakers. Download it here.

*A final note: For last year’s COP26 we took the train from Stockholm to Glasgow. This time we’re travelling by plane. No easy choice, but thanks to our partner Goodwingssustainable booking service, we were able to make the trip with 100% biofuel. It is not an entirely emission-free trip, but it means a lot for us to not sponsor the fossil fuel industry with our travel – and to reduce emissions wherever we can.

Curious to how this works? Goodwings is offering a voucher (WDHTCOP27-24) to help you make your next two flights fossil-free with biofuel. The voucher code entitles you to CO2 reductions or removals of up to $1,000.

A few personal notations:

Not sure if you have seen that NY Times article entitled: ‘We can have Democracy or Political Violence.  Not Both! (Link)

…and this article: 193 countries pledge to slash air-travel emissions by 2050 (Link)

…plus these:

Egypt Arrests Hundreds in Crackdown Before COP27 Climate Summit; Pressured to Free Alaa Abd El-FattahLink

Egypt’s Carceral Climate Summit: Naomi Klein on the Crisis of COP27 Being Held in a Police StateLink

…in regard to COP27, not sure if the major networks will cover the activities, however I am pretty sure (hoping) both WION and DemocracyNow will.