Knowledge is the Light that Dispels Shadows

Part 1: A Sinister Alliance:

Dear readers, welcome to a journey that unveils the chilling truth lurking in the shadows of our world – illegal surveillance, manipulation, and intimidation, all interwoven with the pressing issue of our time, the Climate Emergency.

Let me begin by stating that the purpose of this narrative is not to retaliate but to shine a light on a disturbing alliance between the fossil fuel industry and a religious Christian cult. Together, they have engaged in clandestine surveillance and unethical actions, all with the aim of inflicting emotional torture and psychological torment.

You might have heard them referred to as the “Christian Taliban,” (although, what he meant I am sure was extremists),” a term coined by a well-known podcast. Their actions are so egregious that they have caught the attention of prominent writers and investigative journalists, one of whom delved into their activities on the Bradblog podcast.

My own personal experience bears witness to this disturbing reality. I recall one instance where they relentlessly pursued a Climate Justice Advocate across continents, even attempting to orchestrate a vehicular accident. It’s estimated that they spent a staggering sum, and this happened during the Trump presidency.

But that’s not all. I once infiltrated one of their meetings during the same administration, and what I uncovered left me shaken to the core. This pre-COVID gathering involved individuals dispatched to different states with the sinister task of harassing, spying on, and intimidating climate experts, climate justice advocates, and others in the climate community. Their enthusiasm for these malevolent deeds was nothing short of chilling. They seemed possessed by a dark force, all while referring to themselves as Christians doing “God’s work.”

It’s important to note that during an inter-faith meeting with a Christian theologian, I learned that these individuals do not represent Christianity in any true sense. They’ve lost their way and are considered cult-like. The world needs to be aware of them, for they operate covertly, with the intent of causing untold psychological torture and suffering, as highlighted in the Christian Extremists podcast and article (I will provide links when available).

Supporting My Friend:

However, this revelation isn’t solely about these individuals. It’s about a conversation I had with a friend who still experiences these activities daily. This ongoing ordeal serves as a stark reminder that such actions persist to this day. As we delve deeper into this narrative, it becomes evident that this web of surveillance and manipulation may well be orchestrated by both the fossil fuel industry and these apocalyptic Christian figures, who, in turn, take orders from those who aspire to wield despotic power.

Stay with me as we unravel this dark tapestry in the subsequent parts of this blog series.

Part 2: Unmasking Shadows: A Friend’s Tale of Surveillance

Awakening to a Call for Action

In this chapter, we step further into the unsettling world of illegal surveillance, where the perpetrators disguise themselves as followers of a faith while committing heinous acts. As a humble friend cCc dedicated to shedding light on the Climate Emergency, I implore you to listen closely as I reveal my friend’s poignant account of surveillance and intimidation.

By remaining silent, I have realized that these nefarious forces might once again ascend to a perilous position of power. The time for silence has ended, and so I share our conversation, fueled by a fervent desire to confront this darkness head-on.

My friend resides in a southern state, and his revelation about illegal surveillance perpetrated by members of a Christian religious cult is disquieting, to say the least. This cult, driven by a single-minded intent to undermine efforts for a habitable and sustainable world, draws an eerie parallel to the ambitions of the fossil fuel industry. This insidious collaboration seeks to perpetuate pollution, imperil our children’s future, and erode our planet’s biodiversity.

The narrative takes a disheartening twist as my friend recounts how he caught wind of his neighbors’ involvement in this surveillance network. Even as they exchanged morning pleasantries, these same neighbors were entangled in a web of deceit, listening through his cellphone and engaging in other intrusive tactics. The facade of moral and ethical behavior, purportedly rooted in their Christian faith, shattered under the weight of their actions. (Allow me to clarify that my own experiences with these issues have led me to adopt different strategies, encouraging my friend through empathetic listening.)

Genuine Christians, many of whom I am honored to call friends, would never fathom such an assault on human dignity. The stark contrast between their compassionate beliefs and this cult-like behavior paints a troubling picture. The term “new Christian Extremists,” coined by a podcast, encapsulates the transformation these individuals have undergone. My intention here is not to attack, but rather to rouse our collective awareness. This disturbing alliance poses a significant barrier to meaningful climate action and climate justice.

May this revelation act as an awakening for you, shaking you from any complacency. Their actions, driven by insecurity, self-righteous dogma, or even manipulation from those with despotic ambitions and the backing of the fossil fuel industry, must not persist unopposed.

My heart aches for my friend, who bravely persists in his fight for climate justice, undeterred by differing beliefs, politics, or opinions on climate change. It is a universal right that opinions coexist with human dignity untouched, for repeatedly infringing on one’s dignity amounts to psychological torture. The notion that a Christian religious group orchestrates such harm is absurd and wholly contradictory to the teachings of compassion and kindness that Christianity embraces.

Yet, my concern extends further. Law enforcement should be vigilant about a disturbing possibility – if such surveillance targets individuals based on political beliefs intertwined with climate justice advocacy (a fact that I can confirm), then those at the forefront of climate justice, including young women, young men, and even children, might unknowingly be exposed to illicit activities, akin to pedophilia. This unsettling notion extends to older climate justice advocates and their children. Though it seems outlandish, given my firsthand knowledge of the extent of illegal surveillance, such possibilities can’t be dismissed lightly.

A haunting question lingers: What faith condones surveillance, harassment, stalking, hacking, and other activities that inflict anxiety, stress, and fear upon others, all while claiming to serve a divine purpose? These actions stand in stark contradiction to the principles of ethical and moral Christianity, and they cast a dark shadow over the very institution they claim to uphold. The question remains, what kind of deity would endorse such malevolent deeds?

Stay with us as we continue to unravel this web of intrigue, exposing the connections and motives that underlie this alarming narrative. Your commitment to knowledge, understanding, and justice is our beacon of hope.

Part 3: Rising Above the Shadows: A Path to Transformation

Call to Embrace Transformation

As we journey deeper into the heart of this disconcerting narrative, I implore you to listen not only with your ears but with your hearts. This chapter unveils a conversation that resonates beyond surveillance and intimidation; it delves into the profound process of personal transformation, one that emerges from adversity and inspires resilience.

After offering counsel to my friend, I sensed a glimmer of encouragement within him. Yet, as someone who walks a similar path, I shared a truth that is universally applicable – adversity, like a chisel shaping raw stone, can be the catalyst for remarkable self-growth. In fact, I advised my friend to view this struggle as an opportunity to refine himself, to emerge as a stronger and more evolved version of who he is.

Let us not deceive ourselves about the individuals behind these unethical actions. Ignorance and a lack of understanding seem to be their companions. It is likely that they serve as pawns, fulfilling orders for those who lust for power or wish to retain it. And beneath it all, like a sinister undercurrent, lies the influence of the fossil fuel industry, driven by unrelenting greed.

To my friend, I conveyed the importance of resilience, urging him to stand steadfast. Malicious actions often stem from the insecurities and fears of those who seek to degrade others, even to the point of torturing their human dignity. I encouraged him to utilize their malevolence as a springboard for growth, to transform these challenges into opportunities for self-improvement and self-discovery.

We must recognize that within this world, there will always be individuals who harbor negativity, who find solace in harmful actions. However, their misguided choices rob them of the chance to foster deep and meaningful connections, to cultivate friendships rooted in empathy and compassion. Their ignorance blinds them to the beauty of such relationships.

Thus, my voice joins the chorus not only to protect the dignity of my friends but to safeguard my own as well. I am resolute in my stance and will never falter in speaking out against such transgressions.

A Cry of Shame!

Allow me to speak candidly – those who perpetrate these actions ought to feel the weight of shame upon their shoulders. This sentiment echoes across history, resonating with the likes of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, and even the honorable President John F. Kennedy. These champions of human rights and dignity would undoubtedly share this very sentiment – shame on you!

We stand on the shoulders of those who have fought for justice, who have championed the cause of humanity against all odds. Their legacy beckons us to rise above the shadows, to kindle the flame of transformation even in the darkest moments. Let this message resound: we will not be silenced, and we will not waver in our pursuit of justice and dignity.

Stay with us as we enter the final part of this series, where we unveil a glimmer of hope amid the tumultuous landscape of surveillance and manipulation.

Part 4: Transformation: From Twig to Roaring Lion

A Personal Testament

As we conclude this journey, I wish to share a personal testament that echoes the transformative power born from adversity. As the humble cCc devoted to raising the banner of Climate Emergency awareness, I want to convey the profound impact these experiences have had on my own life and conviction.

From trembling like a fragile twig to standing tall as a ferocious yet non-violent lion – my own journey mirrors that of my friend. The trials I faced were not dissimilar, and even today, they persist to a certain degree. Encounters with their enforcers on a subway, continuous stalking, and hacking by fossil fuel-backed hackers – all these sinister actions were orchestrated with the intent to instill fear.

Yet, let it be known that I am grateful. Grateful for the crucible that these experiences forged me in. They kindled within me a strength that I did not know I possessed. The psychological torment they inflicted became the very crucible of my transformation.

As I stand here today, I am a version of myself that exudes confidence, poise, and an unwavering commitment to climate justice. This conviction pulses through my veins, a fire fueled by the very challenges that once sought to extinguish it.

I will always stand ready to raise my voice against injustice and assaults on my own or others’ human dignity. Absolutely no hesitation!

A Call to Action and Appreciation

For those of you who actively participate in climate activities, particularly the upcoming Climate March on September 17th, let this serve as a reminder. Your dedication not only advances the cause of viable climate action but also extends appreciation to our Earth, both Mother Nature and her partner, Father Earth (Biodiversity). They have entrusted us to be their spokespersons, their champions in the face of adversity.

Bring your shakers, cowbells, and sound makers, and let the reverberations echo with not just a call for change, but also with a resounding note of gratitude for the privilege to stand up for our planet.

Furthermore, let our collective voice resound like a clarion call to industries that have wreaked havoc on our planet. The time has come for the fossil fuel industry, the palm oil industry, the meat industry, and other exploitative forces to heed the inevitable truth – their dominion is at an end. In its place, a new era emerges – one marked by sustainability, harmony, and a world that thrives without jeopardizing other species.

Conclusion: The Triumph of Transformation

Our journey through the shadows of illegal surveillance and manipulation ends here. From the depths of these troubling revelations, a beacon of hope emerges. The human spirit’s resilience, a fire forged in the crucible of adversity, propels us forward.

I, as cCc, wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to awareness, your dedication to climate justice, and your unwavering pursuit of a better world. Together, let us usher in the dawn of transformation, where our actions shape a planet that thrives for generations to come.

If not for the legitimate concern regarding pedophilia activities associated with this group, I might not have chosen to disclose this information.

ADDENDUM as a Reminder:

As we conclude this series, I invite you to reflect upon the narratives shared, and to join us in continuing the conversation. Let us stand united against illegal surveillance, intimidation, and any forces that seek to undermine the dignity of humanity and the health of our planet. Your voice matters, and your actions carry the power to shape a future that we can proudly leave to those who follow in our footsteps.

Guiding Principles for Large Climate Marches and Activities, including the September 17th Climate March

Nurturing Unity and Purpose

As we approach the forthcoming climate march on September 17th, I wish to extend my gratitude to each of you for your unwavering commitment to our planet’s well-being. In this addendum, I propose some essential guidelines that can foster an environment of collaboration, consideration, and positive impact during large climate marches and activities. Let these principles guide us as we stand together for our planet’s future.

1. Leave a Better World: In the spirit of Japanese citizens who naturally demonstrate this principle, let’s each bring a trash bag and clean up during the march. Regardless of whether the litter is ours or not, we can set an example by demonstrating our care for the environment. Let’s show that our dedication extends beyond words to tangible actions that future generations will appreciate.

2. Carpooling for the Climate: Reduce CO2 emissions by carpooling whenever possible. Organizations can organize bus or carpool lists, as exemplified by Climate Reality and Sierra Club. By sharing rides, we can decrease our carbon footprint and amplify our collective impact.

3. Amplifying Youth Voices: Encourage young adults and children to contribute their ideas and perspectives. Their ingenuity and foresight can offer fresh insights that enrich our movement. Remember, we are fighting for their future, and their opinions hold immense value.

4. Sound the Call for Change: Equip yourselves with noise makers like cowbells, available from various sources. Let’s create a symphony of voices demanding action against the Climate Emergency. Together, we will make our cause heard.

5. Responding with Civility: In the face of those who challenge us, let us uphold civility, non-violence, and compassion. Our demeanor can serve as a powerful counterpoint to hostility, potentially transforming adversaries into allies for climate justice.

6. Supporting Seniors and Differently-Abled: Extend consideration to our older seniors and differently-abled participants. Make sure they have access and support throughout the event. Let’s stand united, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

7. Stay Hydrated: In the heat of passion, don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated. Water is essential, so keep an eye out for fellow marchers and offer assistance when needed.

8. Collaborating with First Responders: Interact respectfully with firefighters, emergency services, and law enforcement personnel. Our conduct can build bridges and foster understanding. In the face of climate emergency, unity is our greatest strength.

9. Maintaining Peace and Integrity: Be vigilant against potential instigators who may attempt to incite violence or looting. Should such situations arise, use cellphones to capture evidence and preserve the integrity of our movement.

10. Respecting All Leaders: Regardless of political affiliations, leaders joining our march deserve respect. Even if we differ in opinions, our shared commitment to the Climate Emergency unites us. Let’s demonstrate our humanity and ensure that the march remains focused on human rights and dignity.

Moving Forward with Unity

With these guidelines in mind, I implore you to approach the September 17th Climate March with unity, compassion, and unwavering determination. Let’s march not only for a sustainable future but also for a world where collaboration, empathy, and respect are the bedrock of our actions.

Thank you for your dedication, your commitment, and your heart. Let’s stand together and create a resounding call for change that echoes across the world.

With gratitude and anticipation,


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