We are all connected, and our actions matter more than we realize.

Hello there, whether its morning, afternoon, or evening for you, I hope you’re having a good day. Today, I want to talk about something important: our Climate Emergency. It’s a reality that is caused by our actions and has far-reaching effects.

I know it might be a holiday weekend for some of you, while others may not be celebrating. Depending on where you are in the world, you might be traveling to see loved ones or helping others with their travels. It’s understandable that our economy needs to grow and function, but we must now be aware of how our simple daily activities, including holiday-based ones, impact our delicate climate.

Waiting for flights at airports and flying long distances have a tremendous impact on the strength and severity of our shared Climate Emergency. It’s astonishing to think that a single flight from New York to Los Angeles or overseas emits a huge amount of CO2, which contributes to Global Warming and leads to more frequent climatic disasters.

This forms a human-induced feedback loop. We also need to modify television advertisements to focus on promoting low-emission vehicles until more affordable electric vehicles become widely available, which I can confidently say is happening faster now.

Driving itself can also contribute to the Climate Emergency. I understand that we need vehicles for emergencies, work, religious activities, and more. However, it would be wise to reduce or combine vehicle usage. Carpooling and limiting personal vehicle activities to two or three days a week, or stopping by on the way to or from work for errands, could be a smart move.

I’m not sharing all this because I have a personal desire to see renewable energy develop faster, although I do. I’m saying this because we need to be wise and proactive to reduce the impacts of our shared Climate Emergency.

We have all become victims of a “Grand Big Lie” created by fossil fuel companies and other unethical entities. They knew the dangers of excessive CO2 in the atmosphere to our health, weather, climate, and more, but they chose to hide their findings to enrich themselves at the expense of human life, our oceans, biodiversity, animal species, and most importantly, our children’s future. It’s truly disgusting and reprehensible to prioritize greed and power over everything else.

So you see, human-induced feedback loops are now driving our daily weather disasters. While some disasters would still occur naturally, their impact would be significantly reduced. We have identified those responsible for creating this mess, and now we must take collective wisdom and make decisions to curtail it. This means slowing down activities that rely on fossil fuels.

There will come a time when we can fly and drive freely, but if we want to prevent climatic disasters, we need to start with our own cause and effect. It might be challenging to give up some luxuries, such as visiting loved ones, but I’m confident we can find creative ways to do so. We must recognize that travel, whether by air or vehicle, needs to be done wisely and as a necessity rather than a luxury. The future of our children depends on the actions we take today, and we cannot ignore this reality. So, if we truly value our loved ones, consider those who are connected to us through the generations, including children, babies, and young adults who haven’t even been born yet.

Part #2:

We see people losing their loved ones, their livelihoods, their belongings, and even their animals. Sadly, most of them share one common sentiment: they never thought it would happen to them. Sometimes we believe that climatic disasters are not relevant to where we live or how we live (at least for now), but the truth is that they can affect anyone. Thanks to technology, we often have some warning and time to prepare, but not always.

Nurses, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, emergency services workers, infrastructure workers, essential service providers, and teachers are all facing immense challenges, and their workload will only increase in the future. That’s why, here at Climate Change Community, we refer to them as Climate Warriors. They will need new recruits to join their ranks. If you are a young adult searching for a way to make a difference in our shared Climate Emergency, consider pursuing a career in these fields.

I cannot stress enough that our shared Climate Emergency is 100% caused by the actions we take. This doesn’t absolve those who created this mess—the fossil fuel industry and other unethical entities. However, we are giving it strength through our everyday choices, and that needs to change.

One more point to consider is the impact of meat production. It appears to be a significant driver of the human-induced feedback loop. While I won’t delve into the details right now, however I encourage you to use search engines like Google, AI, or Bing AI to learn more about the impacts and other aspects of this topic.

In conclusion, it is crucial for us to be well-informed and educated about the cause and effect of our actions, as they directly contribute to the effects of our shared Climate Emergency. Remember, this emergency was created by the fossil fuel industry and other unethical entities, not by us. However, we do have the power to reduce its strength and impact. It’s also important to acknowledge the psychological toll that climate disasters take on our health, emotions, and overall well-being.

Please take care of yourselves, stay safe, and remain informed. Enjoy your holiday!