“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

We here at Climate Change Community have decided to increase our online presence in order to make a bigger impact in response to the changes happening online and in the world. As part of this expansion, we will resume our blog posts here at cccmty.com as well as other websites like clitribe.com, greenrumba.com, climatequbes.com, and climategut.com. We will also continue to work on introducting and implementing our Climate Emergency Solutions Toolboxes (stay tuned for announcements about this endeavor shortly).

We invite you to read the enclosed directory below to learn more about the update and the other websites that make up our library. Each website serves a specific function or purpose, all of which align with our core mission to promote sustainability and mitigate the impact of our Climate Emergency.

This expansion will allow us to better streamline our efforts, maximize our reach, and provide more targeted resources to our audiences. We believe that by expanding our online presence, we can more effectively promote sustainability and inspire positive change towards a better future.


Even though we are posting blog posts here again, we will also expand our blogging presence at CLITRIBE.COM and my personal site titoalvarez.net. Again, at these locations, we will be sharing content that focuses on cultural self-expression, emotional well-being, art, music, personal growth, more climate news excerpts, and self-transformation.

Despite the expansion of blogging at this site, we wish to emphasize that the existing content here also provides a vast collection of information and resources. In particular, this site contains numerous posts that explore scientific validation and offer valuable insights into climate history.

Here is an organized bullet list of the websites and their respective explanations:

clitribe.com: This is where we will be blogging now. It is a site that focuses primarily content related to our Climate Emergency, but at times you can find cultural self-expressions, emotional maturity, art, world music, self-education, and self-transformation content as well.

cCcmty.com: This site has a wealth of information and resources on climate change history and scientific validation. Although we once again posting to this site, it is still a great resource for research via previous posts and the directory of articles and links.

–  titoalvarez.net: This is my personal site where I share blog posts on topics such as cultural self-expressions, emotional maturity, art, world music, self-education, and self-transformation.

tito235.wordpress.com: This site is an archive of my old cultural expressions, and I might drop some new content there in the future.

climatequbes.com: This is a blog site dedicated to the Climate Solution Toolboxes. Visit for more details.

climategut.com: This site is dedicated to dialogue and personal posts that relate to our Climate Emergency or my Climate Action endeavors.

Community Toolboxes:

ClimateChangeCommunity.com: This is the mother site for the Climate Emergency Toolboxes.

eXit235.com: This is a private site for family and friends, and it’s also a child-site of ClimateChangeCommunity.com.

climatetech.pro: This is another child-site of ClimateChangeCommunity.com.

greenisourgoal.com: This is also a child-site of ClimateChangeCommunity.com.

There are two more Climate Emergency Solutions Toolboxes sites (below) in the works, which I am slowly working on, one of which I plan to open in 2024, or later this year. These new sites are a reflection of my commitment to solution-based thoughts and dedication to addressing our shared Climate Emergency.

GreenRumba.com -This is a website exclusively for staff and invitees only. Although the majority of the blog section will be private, over time, some parts of it will become accessible to everyone.

World-Citizen – The website is currently in the early stages of development, and its URL will be revealed soon. The site is designed for seniors and people who experience loneliness, and it will serve as both a platform for dialogue and a hub for various activities.

I wanted to let you know that I posted a ‘Grant Proposal‘ on climatequbes.com on the evening of 5.7.2023, and if you would be so kind to please take a moment to read it–I will be very grateful. Also, I am currently working on a major site update, which I will announce very soon. This update is crucial to achieving my future goals. Prior to the announcement, I will post a heads-up on Instagram and Twitter.

Please note that the ‘Ranch and the Black Box’ article has been revised and renamed to:  “A Call From A Climate Justice Advocate: Why I’m Standing Up Against Greed and Injustice” and can be read here.