Climate activist Greta Thunberg accused governments of ‘playing politics’ instead of taking real climate action during the Austrian World Summit organised by former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in Vienna, on Thursday.

“You had the world’s eyes on you, so you started to act. Not ‘acting’ as in ‘taking climate action,’ but acting as in role playing. Playing politics, playing with words, and playing with our future,” said Thunberg. She continued to criticise climate summits where not even one single climate scientist is among the speakers, and deeming countries’ so-called ‘ambitious’ climate commitments ‘insufficient’ at best.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that an international approach is needed to fight climate change referring to some countries with high environmental standards, such as Austria and Europe, who continue to import products from countries with ‘less stringent’ standards.

Kurz also stressed that Austria is among the countries that are investing most in the climate cause.