Amsterdam Climate Week: Opening Panel Discussion – Noam Chomsky – Alicia Fall – John D. Liu

The inaugural Amsterdam Climate Week – ACW will run from the 12th – 18th of September and is an opportunity for people to come together to collaborate and initiate projects to tackle climate change.

Less talking and more doing!

It will be a 7-day program filled with meaningful discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, live music, and cultural events across the city. Each event will be attached to an action we can all take to help make change and progress when it comes to our planet.

The Amsterdam Agora is held across multiple venues across the beautiful city, and all are encouraged to take part in the week, particularly those who are interested in grassroots work within the areas of environmental and social change and labour movements, and the LGBTQ+ community fighting against low-income, racism, sexism.

Amsterdam is a colorful home to more than 180 nationalities. Scientists and scholars join with the artists to drive solutions to our collective catastrophe.

The World is here in Amsterdam!

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YouTube: Amsterdam Climate Week: Opening Panel Discussion