If you think this might have nothing do with our Climate Emergency, think twice…  Mental Health and positive outlook of our children and ourselves for that matter affect us much more than we might realize in tackling the Climate Emergency, not only that–this potential can be a sustainable measure depending how approached.  You should see their schoolyard transformations, it is quite impressive to say the least.

America’s schoolyards are packed with potential.

Help us unlock it.

Parks are essential for healthy, equitable communities, but across America, 100 million people—including 28 million kids—don’t have a park close to home.

We have a common-sense, cost-effective solution: Turn existing schoolyards into shared outdoor spaces. Public school districts own two million acres in America. Transforming them all into Community Schoolyards™ spaces would create access to the outdoors for 20 million people.

We’re working to close our nation’s park equity gap, one schoolyard at a time, but we need your help.

Raise your hand if you believe Congress must provide the funding our nation needs to transform barren public schoolyards into vibrant community parks.