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How to fix America’s misinformation crisis

Teach our children critical thinking

There is hardly a thing in the US that couldn’t benefit from change right now, but something I think about a lot is public education, from preschool to high school. If it were up to me, we’d throw out a lot of the existing curriculum and start over. The conspiracy theories and delusions across the political spectrum – from anti-vaxxers to QAnon devotees to climate deniers to Confederacy cosplayers – prove that we desperately need a citizenship equipped with critical thinking skills. – Rebecca Solnit


How to tackle the climate emergency

For starters, cut the money pipeline
By Bill McKibben

There’s no one way to fix climate change, of course – it’s the biggest problem humans have ever encountered. But convincing banks and asset managers to cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry would go a long way.

New York state recently decided to divest its $226bn pension fund from oil and gas – if Citibank and Barclays and Bank of America and BlackRock and the rest would follow suit, the crimp in the money pipeline that feeds the fires of global warming would make a huge difference.

JP Morgan Chase alone has poured a quarter-trillion dollars into fossil fuel since the Paris climate agreement – Donald Trump was not its only saboteur. It’s time for that kind of vandalism to end.

Bill McKibben is an author and Schumann distinguished scholar in environmental studies at Middlebury College, Vermont

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